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Review: Human Resource Management, 13th Ed.

Review:  Human Resource Management, 13th Ed.

HR has seen its share of changes in the past 20 years, and it continues to change in our technology-driven, economically-challenging times.  So in order to remain relevant and vital to our organizations, we need to keep pace with the evolution of the profession.  That is why the leading textbook on the subject, Human Resource Management by Robert L. Mathis and John H. Jackson, now in its 13th edition, remains as one of the best sources of information for the HR generalist today.


The topics covered span the breadth of knowledge that is required for success in HR, including:


The HR Environment

How HR looks today, with current examples and case studies of the successes and challenges for today’s HR professional.  The role and impact of HR in organizations.  HR as it relates to the environment and technology.  HR metrics.  Diversity and equal opportunity.  Where a career in HR can take you.


Human Resource Management, 13th Edition, by Robert L. Mathis and John H. JacksonJobs and Labor

Job analysis and workforce composition.  The HR planning process and forecasting HR supply and demand.  Individual workers and employee motivation.  Retention strategies and analyzing employee turnover.  The full recruiting process including legal concerns.  Current labor market examples and case studies.


Training and Development

Determining how training fits into your organization.  Establishing new hire orientation.  Strategic training for existing workers and evaluation with ROI.  Management training and development.  Succession planning.  Performance appraisal and feedback.  Relevant, real world training case studies.



Compensation as it relates to competitiveness and company philosophy.  Legal issues like FMLA and pay equity.  How to value a job.  Setting up systems for pay increases.  Individual, team, or company-wide incentive plans.  Executive pay.  Employee benefits for health care, retirement, family, and time-off.  Case studies of effective compensation plans.


Employee Relations

Health and safety of workers including OSHA.  Promotion of health in the workplace.  Security concerns and disaster preparation.  Employee rights and responsibilities.  The employee handbook.  Issues like employee privacy and absenteeism.  Employee discipline and termination procedures.  Union relations, the collective bargaining process, and grievance management.  Recent case studies.


Case Studies

What is particularly interesting is the emphasis on providing fairly recent case studies throughout the book (90% are from 2006 or later).  These are real world situations that practicing HR professionals come across every day.  For example, “HR, Culture, and Business Results Success at Google, Scripps, and UPS” features the trendsetting HR philosophies of these high-profile companies and how they are a magnet for “Best Places to Work” lists.  In fact, at the end of every chapter there is a relevant, recent case study, and at least two supplemental case studies that illustrate the HR principles introduced.


HR Certification Prep

Also, if you happen to be preparing for the professional HR certification tests sponsored by the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI), you will find the 2009 HRCI outline for the PHR and SPHR examinations.  The outline basically lists the major topics that you can expect to see in each of the tests.  Very handy!


And More…

And finally, there is even more useful information to be found in the Appendex:

  • The Major Federal Equal Opportunity Laws and Regulations
  • Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection
  • EEO Enforcement Information
  • Pre-employment Inquiries
  • Sample HR Job Descriptions

…not to mention the extensive glossary of HR terms, as well as complete author and subject indexes, to enable you to find the specific information you need fast.


This book is currently being used as an authoritative textbook in many college and university courses throughout the country.  Whether you are an HR professional who wants to keep up with current HR issues, or a business owner looking to get a solid understanding of the fundamentals of HR, you would be hard pressed to find a more currently applicable, well-researched and all-encompassing handbook for HR than Human Resource Management.  Highly recommended.


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  1. HR is a great profession, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional.

    Anyone who’s personable and enjoys being with people, as well as one who’s interested in policy and prevention, would do well in the HR field.

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