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Resume Distribution & Submission Services

Resume Distribution & Submission Services

As a career seeker, there are many services available to help you in your search for a new job.  There are resume writing services, career assessment services, and industry research services, to name just a few.  Most of these services are fairly self-explanatory, and most people probably have a good idea of what these services are about.


However… there seems to be more confusion caused by two particular resume services than any other services.  They are resume distribution and resume submission services.  They sound alike, but, they are not the same.  They are actually very different.  Since the services are so different, it’s a good idea to know which is which, and exactly what they can do for you.


Resume Distribution

  • Your resume is emailed directly to a list of recruiters and/or employers.
  • All the recruiters on the list have signed up for the service, so they will be expecting (and welcoming) any resumes that they are sent.  This is much better than sending your resume out at random.
  • You can be as specific as you would like since the email can be targeted by industry or geography.
  • If you are concerned about privacy, you may have the option to have your resume sent confidentially, with no personal information attached.
  • Some providers also provide a confidential email reply box, so you don’t have to use your own email address.
  • Also, a good feature to look for is the ability to provide the names of companies where you do not wish your resume to be sent (for example, your current employer!).
  • After the email is sent out, you can get the list of companies where your resume was sent.
  • You may have the option of re-sending your resume after a specific period of time.
  • One company that provides resume distribution services is


Resume Submission (or Posting)

  • Your resume is automatically posted to a number of Internet job boards and job search engines.
  • A nice thing about this service is that new accounts are set up in your name to all the job boards that now have your resume, so you do not have to spend the time doing it yourself.  You will get a list of the job boards with all the necessary login information.
  • Job agents can also be sent up for the various job boards, which will send you email alerts when a job matching your requirements is posted to the job board.  The job agents are set up with your job type and location in mind.
  • You can specify what types of niche job boards you would be interested in and narrow your focus by industry.
  • Some companies offer to confidentially post your resume by not displaying any personally identifiable information.  If you are interested in this service be sure to read how to remove the identifiable information from your actual resume before you use it.
  • Also, you can set up a confidential personal email address with the company to enhance your privacy.
  • A company that offers resume submission services is


So, to summarize, one is an email blast to interested recruiters/employers, and the other is an automatic job website sign-up and submission service.  One can help you get in contact with recruiters and hiring managers, and the other gets you set up on a variety of job boards.  Please note, neither service offers any guarantees regarding the results you may get.  They are both basically time savers, and depending on what you are interested in accomplishing, they might help you get to the next stage of your job search a little quicker.


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