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Review: HR From the Heart

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Review:  HR From the Heart

Sometimes, as an HR person, you are just in need of a little inspiration.  HR can come across as one of those professions where its people are enlightened, creative and an incredibly great asset to their company, or overtly critical, bureaucratic, and stifling.  HR people do get a bad rap, and for some it is deservedly so.  But, for most people who choose HR as a profession, they are genuinely well-intentioned people looking to make a difference for both the companies where they work, and the individuals they support. 


Libby Sartain wants you to take this to heart.  She would like every HR person out there to view their work as a “calling.”  In Sartian’s 2003 gem, HR from the Heart: Inspiring Stories and Strategies for Building the People Side of Great Business there is motivation for all HR professionals to look beyond mediocre methods and really impact the lives of people for the better.


Sartain has been an outspoken leader in the HR field for many years.  She shares her insight and experiences of her time in HR, whether she was at the top as Vice President, People at Southwest Airlines and Chief People Yahoo at Yahoo!, or as an entry-level recruiter just beginning her career.  These are great, thought-provoking stories here.  The kind that people in HR can really benefit from hearing.  The take-aways from the stories are Sartain’s “Essentials” of every great HR career.


Sartain provides no-nonsense advice and guides you through all aspects of HR, from a realistic perspective, from someone who’s been there.  But, by far the most powerful recommendation she imparts is not to fall into the trap of separating the heart from HR.  For too long HR people have sacrificed the humanity of their position in order to have a more significant role in management.  But, by doing so, they have essentially given up the ability to be their most effective. 


As Sartain points out, by keeping the heart alive in HR, it can become one of the most compelling and strategically valuable assets your company will have.  And you will also be richer for the experience.


Transform your view of HR.  Check out HR from the Heart.


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    Hmmm…very good to know, there were without a doubt a couple of items that I had not thought of before.

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