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Catapult Your Career Success

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Catapult Your Career Success

Here at, we get many readers asking for career advice.


And underlying these questions, there is a real desire to learn how to maximize career potential, within the overall strategy of living a balanced and fulfilling life.




Career Issues Like:

  • I’m struggling in my career and I’m not quite sure why.
  • I feel stifled or unfulfilled by my current job or company.
  • I routinely feel overwhelmed or overloaded at work.
  • I’m between jobs and I’m not sure which steps I should take first. Where do I begin?


I can freely admit that in my never-ending quest to be more productive, improve my communications, and reduce stress, I like to seek out new, fresh perspectives I haven’t considered before.  Every once in a while a golden idea comes along that can make all the difference.  With that being said, however, even the smallest, everyday hints and tips that have the potential to improve my day is much appreciated.  If you can find something that is meaningful to you, then it’s all good!


If you struggle with your own questions, and would like to get re-focused on making 2013 your best year ever, there is a great opportunity to get first-hand expert advice on a variety of topics related to career success.


A New Career Success Summit

On January 21st, 2013 20 Career Success Experts will be coming together for a 10 day virtual event hosted by one of our guest writers, Linda Cattelan.


The “Catapult Your Career Success Summit” features 20 highly sought after guest speakers and career experts revealing some of their best strategies and tactics for career success in a complimentary Virtual Tele-Summit.


There will be two speakers a day over a 10 day period January 21st, 2013 to January 31st, 2013.  Many of the speakers are also offering free gifts for attending the Tele-Summit.


20 Guest Speakers, 20 Topics:

1.  Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile and Network for Greater Visibility  —Viveka Von Rosen

2.  Capability Cultivation–Leveraging Your Natural Instinctive Talents for Growth and Success  —Wayne Smith

3.  Be the Most Productive Person You Know  —Shane Fielder

4.  Raise Your Visibility and Value:  How to Get What You Need from Your Organization and Industry When Networking is Not Enough  —Ed Evarts

5.  Strategies for Decreasing Stress and Anxiety  —Dr. Susan Meyerle

6.  Tribal Leadership:  How to Create the Conditions for Engagement, Commitment and Collaboration  —Nicki Weiss

7.  Five Transformational Strategies to Develop Results-Focused Teams  —Michelle Brown-Dawson

8.  The Art of Interpersonal Communication  —Andy Gateriewictz

9.  What Now in My Career and Life?  Managing Your Career Within Your Workplace–or Beyond  —Mark Franklin

10.  Overwhelmed or Overloaded?  —Linda McCarrin

11.  Communicate and Connect in 90 Seconds or Less  —Corey McCusker

12.  Using Your Intuition for Career and Business Success  —Marishka Glynne

13.  Creating a Life and Career of Your Design and Desire  —Lorraine Moore

14.  Find Your Sweet Spot for 21st Century Success  —Pauline Fleming

15.  Wake Up and Live Powerfully.  Turn Your Intentions Into Action.  —Mike Jaffe

16.  The Time of Your Life:  How to Get the Most Important Things Done Every Day  —Hugh Liddle

17.  Creating a Stress-Free, Productivity-Rich Workspace with Feng Shui  —Sharon Hay

18.  Step Into The Spotlight:  How to Catapult Your Brand into a Starring Role!  —Tsufit

19.  Why You Should Consider Hiring a Coach  —Garry Schleifer

20.  Breaking Your Glass Ceiling:  How to Become a Super Star in the Workplace and Achieve More Impact, Recognition and Success  —Linda Cattelan


Remember, life is a work in progress.  So if you desire to make a bigger impact, accomplish more in less time and ultimately achieve greater success and recognition, you will want to register for this free virtual event.


Register for the Catapult Your Career Success Summit


(Free Registration)

P.S. – If you are unable to attend the live calls for any reason, not to worry, all sessions will be recorded and made available to all registered attendees.


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