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Social Media and You: Using it to Your Advantage

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Social Media and You: Using it to Your Advantage

In today’s world, finding a job takes more than just sending out your resume to hundreds of postings.  Instead, you must become a master at marketing yourself as you would a business.  So how can you use some of the tools available to you to help you land that dream job you have been eyeing?  Well, believe it or not, social media can make a massive difference in how others – especially potential employers – see you.  This vision of you as a potential employee, business partner, or even as a boss, can be good or bad.


Everyone is into Social Media

Think about how many different social media accounts you have right now:  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, YouTube.  There are countless social media sites out there today where we put up everything for anyone to see.  From drunken party photos from last weekend to our insanely embarrassing school photos, it’s there for anyone to view.  What’s even better is that friends and family can post pictures, tweet about stuff you did, and basically put out whatever they want to say into the public domain.  When you are searching for a job, or searching for the right candidate for a position, how someone is seen in their social media pages and online can make all the difference.


If you are an employer, are you going to hire someone that seems to be constantly partying day in and day out according to what you see on their Facebook or Twitter account?  It doesn’t matter how great their resume looks, you’re going to worry about their daily office life and how they are going to come to work each day.  Are you going to hire someone that is constantly posting things to a social media outlet that gossip about others they know, including their current employer, co-workers, and anything bad that they think about their job?  No matter what a great job history and experience they have, if they are going to trash your company, their co-workers, or any other area of your business in a public forum, are they worth having?  Short answer:  no, they aren’t.


The key here is to not put out anything that will make you look less than you really are. Instead, build yourself up into an expert status that other business professionals cannot live without.


Learning to Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media isn’t always a bad thing, or something that you should worry about constantly.  In fact, it can be a wonderful thing if you learn how to use it to your advantage. Those that are even a tiny bit motivated to use social media to help themselves can rocket into their dream job easier than those that don’t.  By using social media to your advantage, you can allow potential employers to gain access to you and your level of expertise faster, as well as give them an in-depth look into your motivation.


Taking the Required Steps to Become an Expert

How do you do this?  It’s actually pretty easy, it just takes a little elbow grease.  By using different social media sites, you can put yourself out there to the public (and potential employers), as an expert in your field.  Create social media accounts on some of the biggest sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, and ensure that you use these only for business and job searches, placing relevant information to your field.  Post questions for others to answer or consider, offer up your ideas on the current market and how you can help companies move into the future with ideas and experience, and make sure that you do this in a professional, polished manner.  You can also use social media sites to easily web conference with potential employers.  There are multiple web conferencing companies out there that offer free or low cost solutions so you can be available when needed.


One of the easiest ways to put out a professional image is to build a website that showcases both your expert skills and ideas as well as offer insight into what makes you an expert.  By building a small blog with software like WordPress, you can easily customize it to your field with one of the DIY themes available to you online.  Within just a few hours, anyone can have a fully customized website that brands them as an expert that someone would want to hire.  Post online videos of yourself for potential interviewers, showcasing your skills and expertise that can be shared with those that visit your site.  Once you have this website built, you can then use Twitterfeed to link your posts to any social media site you like, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on.  Now, not only do you now look like a polished, professional expert, but you also have several great platforms for potential employers to contact you for job offers.


Employers Use Social Media Too

Consider this:  You are an employer looking for a professional to work in your office.  This person has to have a handle on the latest market trends, know what is hot and what’s yesterday’s news, and needs to know how to network with others in your field.  You weed through hundreds of resumes online and find two candidates.  One has a glowing resume, apparently plenty of experience, but doesn’t really seem to “stand out” when it comes to networking – a large part of your business.  The other, however, offers up a glowing resume as well, but throws in the mix a very professionally marketed expert.  Their expert status comes into play when you see that they have a large mix of social media sites packed with information and networking in your field, and they have their own website.  This website looks extremely well put together and professional, where the potential employee has placed countless hours showcasing their in-depth knowledge in your area of business.


Who would you hire?  Personally, I’m going to hire that “expert” in my field to build up my business with the same motivation that they have built up their own name.  This professional “branding” of their knowledge and experience will not only be a huge perk to any company, but it will also put you out there as someone who takes pride in what they do.  You suddenly vault yourself into a whole new category, above all others.  Now, you have proven yourself to be someone who knows what motivation means and knows how to use it to their advantage.


Become that expert in your field, use social media to stand out from the crowd.  You’ll find that by putting these areas to work for you, you can easily pull in more job offers than if you simply sent out resumes alone.


Jason Monroe has been an Internet marketing force since 2003.  He knows the ins and outs of building your online and offline image and taking what you know to everyone in your field.  Along with Internet Marketing, Jason loves to spend time outdoors playing about every sport under the sun.  When he’s not out playing, Jason is helping clients and other business leaders learn to use social media to benefit them.  He enjoys showing them how to build their own sites with easy to set up hosting, and WP themes from one of his favorite sites,


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